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Become a legendary Kawkhandler as you develop your lineup of the world’s most dominant roosters. Teach your fighters all the dirtiest moves, outfit them with protection and equip them with seriously offensive weapons. Slip into the Black Market to grab enhancements that will ensure your team will perform like true champions. Throw your fighters into the Kawktagon to challenge your friends and worthy contenders from around the world. Every victory puts you one battle closer to claiming your place atop the Pecking Order.

Look for Kawkfighter early in 2013.

Greg Bennett
Dashing Brawler. Hurricane Puncher. Hustler.
He blows fire and wrestles Gators. In 2011, he redefined skateboarding. He once defused a bomb... by detonating it. He knows people, who know how deep the rabbit hole goes. He takes it easy in the off-season. He’s never had an off-season.

Greg kicked off his career in 2004 in the Automobile business. By 2006 he had launched Western Canada’s leading Vehicle Import division, and went on to import 1000+ vehicles and rack up sales in excess of $30 million in under 30 months all with just 2 employees. He has since made a massive career jump which landed him in the Energy industry where he has been involved in corporate mergers, acquisitions and divestitures of Oil and Gas properties valued at over $1.5 Billion.

Greg lives in Calgary, AB in a house that is a nice shade of green.

Aaron Kroontje
Rational Basher. Frenetic Fabricator. Hacker.
His middle name is Charles. He once sailed halfway around the world to win a bet, then sailed around the other side to collect. 33 countries honour his past visits with a National holiday. He’s left-handed.

Aaron honed his professional reputation as Business Intelligence Manager with Canada’s leading alternative medicine resource website as well as Critical Mass, a Calgary-based digital consultancy. He is currently the Calgary Chamber of Commerce’s top Digital Specialist.

He has a B.Comm (Marketing) and a B.Sc. (Computer Science) from the University of Calgary and studied in Vienna, Austria and Hong Kong and China. In his vast free time, Aaron is the President of PASC, a non-profit supporting independence, community inclusion, quality of life and job placement for adults with mental disabilities.

He whistles to songs he doesn't know the words to.

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This compact and scrappy Hacker/Hustler duo is looking for a hard-hitting Creative Lead to complete the trifecta!

We want someone that exudes constructive discontent, can help craft a brand, knows how to illustrate and who consistently punches above their weight class.

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